Miles Higgins: Owner/Stylist

Miles is a unique soul. He found his passion for this industry through avenues of watching his friends do hair, knowing it was ultimately what he wanted to do.  He not only saw the glitz and glamour of the industry, but truly found an appreciation for the mechanics behind each and every aspect of the craft. 

Having completed cosmetology school top of his class, Miles knew he needed extensive training to be the stylist he wanted to be. So, he went to a salon where he was able to learn the cutting techniques of such names as Toni & Guy along side other techniques by the Vidal Sassoon curriculum. 

Miles not only looks at your hair and what he can do for it, but he breaks down the logistics of how your hair will compliment your face shape, skin tone, hair texture, and overall style. Being a salon owner he takes true pride in his work wanting every client who leaves his chair to be happy.

Nicole Higgins: Co-Owner

    Nicole started her career in hairstyling in quite the unconventional way. A girl who always thought cosmetology school was settling, set her sights on the fashion industry through fashion design. She apprenticed and designed for high end shops in Los Angeles eventually pushing her to move to Colorado.

    Soon after deciding to move to Colorado with her husband Miles, Nicole realized that perhaps hair would be the best avenue for her in this industry. With her love for fashion heading the way in her career, Nicole quickly became enveloped in editorial hairstyling and runway styling.

 Two years into her career Nicole decided she wanted to give back to the industry by teaching the future hairstylists, by teaching at the Aveda Institute in Denver. She loved her time there, but knew it was time to get back to Roots.

So now, when Nicole is not in the salon she is either traveling for photoshoots, on set locally, or helping educate the younger generation of hairstylists.